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All-on-X Workflow


Smile Design

We will design a smile proposal for you to show your patient.

What does each colour mean?

Lab will do

Dentist will do

Immediate Dentures

They will be used as a transition between removing all teeth and having the final bridge.


Implant Planning and Surgical Guide

If you do your own implant placement, we can design those for you to make everything easier.

With Implants placed, you have 2 options



Choose a type of workflow:

Visit 1

You will come to our lab with your patient for a Upper and Lower Scan + Bite registration with temps in position (temporary denture or denture conversion) + iCam.

Visit 2

Insert the Try-in Temporary Bridge to confirm the appearance and bite.

Visit 3

Final Full Zirconia Bridge will be delivered within 2 weeks once the Try-in is approved.

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